One Planet

We can’t create new resources out of nothing, everything has to come from the natural world. Carbon offsetting is something many businesses seem to think will be enough to mitigate their impact. But that won’t work because it’s not just about carbon, it’s about the ecosystem as a whole. The Earth works on a complex interconnected system; we’re dangling on a big chain and cutting out links of that chain and will end in disaster. For us biodiversity is important and we’re looking at ways to co-exist with our neighbours sustainably.

We try and do better

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact whilst accepting the limitations we have as a small company. Most of our waste is recycled or reused. One of the first things we’re implementing is avoiding the use of obeche in our frames. Obeche comes from tropical forests in Africa. Framers like to use it because it’s cheap and it has an even, indistinct grain. This timber may be logged legally, but it’s being taken in huge quantities from sensitive areas that shouldn’t be used for commercial exploitation. We want to be able to travel within a few miles of our workshop and visit the woodlands that our timber comes from. Until we can achieve this aim, we only use FSC hardwoods sourced from as nearby as possible.

Detail from drawing of elm trees by George Coke.