Built to last for generations, our frames are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Every frame is handmade in our Somerset studio from ethically sourced materials, natural paints and finishes.

Sharing the
of discovery

handling images in the Drawing Matter archive. Photo by Dave Watts.

Credit: Dave Watt


The imagery we work with doesn’t have to be museum worthy: only interesting, visually appealing and deserving of a wider audience. We hope to inspire future collectors and to share the excitement of discovery with our customers.

Our passion is bringing the story behind the artworks and the people who collect them to life. Many of the works in our Collections have historic or sentimental value and we love hearing what drew a collector to a particular piece. We believe that the originals are in their best home, where they should rightly stay and be protected – but that doesn’t mean a wider audience cannot experience and enjoy the essence of them.

Hand-made in our
Somerset studio

Framemaking tools, and picture frame design plans.


We source, print, frame and package our products ourselves, meaning we have ultimate quality control over every stage of production from digitisation through to printing, framing and packaging. Built to last for generations, every frame is handmade in our Somerset studio from ethically sourced materials, natural paints and finishes.

Capturing the soul of a piece is an essential part of our practice. If a print is taken from a page in a sketchbook, we will try to replicate the tactility of that page. We experiment with materials and printing techniques in order to align as closely as we can to the feel of the original.

 At Mount, each piece is given a new lease of life. Reworked into limited and open edition runs, our hand-crafted frames and mounts are designed uniquely to best compliment each print. We consider the frame to be as integral to the design as the print, therefore we sell each piece as a finished product.

3 sizes fits all

Interior showing framed Zünd Up print from Mount’s first collection.


We’ve grouped our framed prints into three different size categories, making it simple find an ideal spot in your home for each of our pieces. As we have framed each print with careful consideration to the artwork, each size category is made up of a variation of frame sizes.

For exact measurements please look at the size information on the individual product pages.

Border pattern